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Policy on Environment & Energy

Ursuline Women’s Teachers’ Training College, Lohardaga, Jharkhand has its policy on environment and usage of energy for better Efficiency in Environmental Governance. Pope Francis in his book “Laudato Si’(2015) said : “The protection of the environment is in fact an integral part of the development process and cannot be considered in isolation from it”.

The policy on Environment and the Usage of Energy of Ursuline Women’s Teachers’ Training College, Lohardaga is to manage energy in systematic way in order to minimize its negative impact on the environment. This institutional policy implies to explore the improvement on energy resources to lessen the burden of the government and find out the substitute to the energy crisis. An awareness of the gravity of today’s culture and ecological crisis must be translated into new habit. Today education needs to give the awareness of ecological sensitivity and a generous spirit to protect the environment.

The policy is binding on all the components of the institution and it applies on all the stakeholders and also the activities organized b the institution. We are sure that this policy will enhance the efficiency and environmental awareness and will help us to realize our responsibilities and commitment to protection of natural resources and to limit its usage like: saving water, maintain cleanliness of campus building, toilet etc. Education in environmental responsibility can encourage ways of acting which directly and significantly affect the world around us, such as avoiding plastic and paper, reducing water consumption, cooking only what can reasonably be consumed, showing care for other living beings, using public transport, planting trees, turning off unnecessary lights and other good practices to save energy. Reusing something instead of immediately discarding it for the right reason express our dignity. The institutional management with the leadership of a committee will give environmental awareness to undertake green initiatives so as to protect the environment.

Policy adopted:

  • Assess the energy usage and measure its impact on the environment.
  • Count CO2 emissions by the means of transportation- vehicles.
  • Install photovoltaic solar panels for the generation of alternate energy.
  • Installation of LED bulbs in the complete campus to save energy.
  • Develop mechanism for the waste management.
  • Develop rain water harvesting unit.
  • Undertake tree plantation every year.
  • Take additional measures to continuously improve our energy consumption.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and other good practices to save energy.
  • Avoid plastic bags and bottles.
  • The environment committee will initiate waste management system.
  • Monitor and respond to emerging environmental and energy issues to strengthen our employees’ and students’ environmental knowledge and skills in order to improve the institutional environment.
  • Provide opportunities for employees and students to take initiative and contribute to environmental protection.
  • Educate the employees and students and promote “Green India” and “Clean India” and practice it in the campus to develop the sense of long - lasting habit.
  • Reduce the conventional consumption of energy and shift to non-conventional use of energy within 5 years by 60 per cent.
  • Presently 2 solar water heaters are in use for hostlers.
  • Start installation of solar power plant for power consumption within 5year plan.
  • Installation of Battery units for ICT laboratory in connection with solar power grid.
  • Complete Installation of solar powered lighting in college campus.

This policy will be communicated to all the employees and students from time to time as reminder and will be made known to all the stakeholders. It will also be uploaded in the institutional website. The committee with the guidance of the principal will revise the policy Regularly