Ursuline Women's Teachers' Training College

Affiliated by Ranchi University, Ranchi | Recognised NCTE,Bhubhneswar | Accrredated by NAAC

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Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct for Learners

Academic Rules and Disciplines:

a. The students are expected to reach the college at 8.30 am and attend classes till 4.00 p.m.
b. Students will maintain silence in the college premises.
c. Students will come in full uniform every day except on Saturday.
d. No student can leave the class in between the lecture, except in case of urgency.
e. Students will take leave in writing the application to the principal.
f. Respect all the teaching staff, non- teaching staff and co- workers.
g. Use of any unfair means during the examination is not allowed.
h. 80 % attendance in the class and 90% attendance in internship is mandatory.
i. Students will take care of the common property of the college.
j. Students will not use their cell phone in the class room while attending the lectures.
k. There is no place for ragging of any type both inside and outside the college campus.

1.2 Library Rules

a. Students are expected to maintain silence and maintain discipline in the library.
b. Open access library facility is provided to the students.
c. The time for issue the library book is from 8. 30 am to 10.15 am
d. Librarian should write the detail of book issue like name of the students, name of the books, Author, accession number and date of issue / return of the book in the library register.
e. Every student will issue maximum five books at a time for a maximum period of one week.
f. The library is expected to be used only for issue/ return of the books as well as for self-study. Any type of activity including group discussion is not allowed inside the library premises.
g. The students are expected to keep the library book in its proper condition for eight days. In case of any damage, they will be fined.

1.3 Computer Lab/ Language Lab/ Science Laboratory Rules

a. The students are not allowed to enter the laboratories before the time schedule.
b. The students are expected to maintain silence and discipline in the laboratories.
c. The students will visit the laboratories only for the academic purpose. Visiting internet sites or any discussion activity is strictly prohibited.
d. Every student is allowed to go to the laboratories on time.
e. Attendance register should be maintained for the practical classes.
f. Students are not allowed to carry any kinds of eatable, water bottles and any other belongings in the Laboratories except note books.
g. The students are not allowed to take the laboratory equipment without the knowledge and permission of the teacher concern.

1.4 Rules for the Hostlers

a. The hostellers will be provided a cot, a table and a chair in the room.
b. They should bring their own bedding, mattress, bucket, mug, plate, glass, Tiffin and other personal needs.
c. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food will be served. Two full meals (mid-day and evening), morning breakfast, light refreshment with tea in the afternoon will be provided.
d. To go out of the hostel, permission of the hostel warden is required and to be out of Lohardaga, students are obliged to take prior permission from the principal.
e. The hostel warden should be informed about any breakage or damage of tables and chairs, doors or window panes, water tabs or tube light etc so that it can be repaired as soon as possible.
f. Hostellers are not allowed to paste pictures or scratch on the walls, doors, windows or desks. Cleanliness is the motto of the hostel.
g. In case of any emergency, they will be allowed to use the mobile.
h. Hostellers are not permitted to bring any friend or relatives to their bedrooms, keep them in the night or serve them food without permission.
i. Student- sisters will join the community for prayers and other religious exercises.
j. Roman Catholic students are expected to attend the Holy Mass and daily evening prayers.
k. Visitors are allowed to meet their wards on Sundays and holidays from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
l. Hostellers are expected to practice punctuality for the meals and other exercises.
m. Hostellers are expected to maintain silence in the bed rooms and reading room.
n. Should maintain modesty in clothing.