Science and Mathematics lab

Science is not only knowledge but also an art. This art is explored, experimented & practiced in Science Resource Centre. Science cannot be taught effectively without testing, Experimentation & demonstration of the scientific facts. These activities may be carried out by teacher or the students themselves to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest & favourable attitude towards maths. These aims are fulfilled by Science & Maths Resource centre setup in the college. Various experiments are done, models & charts are prepared by the students and extension lectures are delivered by educationists. There is a well equipped science & mathematics laboratory in the college. 5 practicum are conducted each in science & mathematics. In science there are basic glass apparatus (test tubes, measuring, cylinders, funnel etc.), chemicals, mirrors, lens, spring balance, scale for doing the practicum. In mathematics there are kit for doing the practicum related to theorems (Jhale’s, pythogorous etc), trigonometry, and arithmetic progression, area of 2D & 3D figures.
Linear equation: These lab help the students to know the basics of conducting practical in the school & also help them to develop their scientific value.

Psychology Lab

In the college there is effective psychology lab with many inventories (Vocational interest, group test of inventories, jalota), tester(TAT, teacher efficiency), scale(teacher value scale, rating scale) & apparatus(Bhatia battery, Mencony hand apparatus. 5 practical are conducted for the students learning. This lab satisfies the requirements of the school & classroom context in relationship to the individual differences of the learners. This lab helps the students to conduct case study & action research, remedial teaching.

Health and Physical Resource Center

Man is said to be the “Man of Action”. His activities are full of movements and for this physical fitness are required. Physical fitness and wellness play an important role in fulfilling the objective of “Physical Education’. Physical fitness and wellness programmes are used as one of the modes through which the aim of physical education can be achieved. ‘Complete wholesome development of individual’. Today man’s like is full of physical and mental stresses which can be relieved only if he is physically fit and psychologically balanced and socially well adjusted. Thus, physical fitness and wellness are matter of concern for optimum development of an individual. It brings up the optimum health and also helps the society to create a healthy environment to grow to the maximum.

Language Lab

Learning a new language just by studying the theory is not enough for the students. Therefore, college has a well equipped and comprehensive language lab. In the lab there are 21 computers with headsets, where the students have access to audio and audio-visual materials to learn foreign language easily.
Language lab conducts the practical classes throughout the week. The trainees participate in the practical classes at their convenience. They are provided two practical classes in a week. The purpose of a language lab is to involve the trainees for active participation in language learning exercise.
Language lab provider them technical tools. It provides them self access for independent learning. It also develops the communication skills between teacher-students and student through variety of activities and exercises. It helps them to acquire 4 main language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

ET & ICT Lab

There is a wel ET & ICT lab set up in the college. There are 40 computers in all the access of the students with upto date software related to their syllabus. Classes go in batches of 10 students throughout the week. These abs helps the students to be acquaint with technology around them & the application of them in then personal as well as classroom activities.

Art & Craft Lab

For the aesthetic development of the students there is Art & Craft lab where items like drawing board, easel, pen) colours, pencil, T & set square etc. are available. Students prepare the items like cord, canvas painting flower, garland, models, etc by themselves. They learn to conduct co-curricular activities & also learn to value and utilize their leisure time.


Our college has a well furnished knowledge resource centre to fullfine the needs of the students, faculty and M. Ed. Students. There are competent staff to monitor and guide the students in the use of library facilities. It has two attached reading rooms which is capable to accommodate 250 students. Our library is equipped with the 14514 books, 5701 reference books, 5 journals, 3 periodicals, 4 types of news paper, magazines etc. the Library is open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Students are given an open access facility to select the books according to their taste and likeness. They are given facility to issue 4 books for 8 days. The library is equipped each year with 100 new books. Last financial year (2018-19), we buy 362 new books, references, journals etc.


Kiran Hostel has 40 rooms with two floors able to accommodates 160 beds. There are toilets and bathrooms in ll different wings. Electricity and water facility is there. Whenever there is powercut, generator facility is available. Inverter light is in all the wings. There is a separate Kitchen and dining hall with tables and chairs. Two Godowns are there to keep the provisions. There is a refrigerator, one water cooler and an aqua guard for drinking water. There are two walls, two tube walls and a deep boring. There are three self contained rooms for hostel wardens. Two self contained rooms are there for staff and two other rooms are there for supporting staff, one parlour for visitors and one music room. A big courtyard is there in the middle. There are two staircases. It is situated in campus and in a very open and clean atmosphere. There is no distance from outside.

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